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Welcome to Fox Valley Metrology's blog. Your one stop shop to keep up to date with all the latest trends in the quality industry on topics such as quality assurance, calibration, measurement, metrology and more.

Everyone was ready to "battle" at the 16th Annual Battle on Bago. With over 8,000 anglers participating the Fox Valley Metrology Weight Team has their work cut out for them. But hey, it's not work when you're having fun!

Thanks to each and every customer who took the time to participate in our Customer Survey. We're excited to share the responses and our 2023 Industry Outlook for the coming year.

By the's looking great!

Looking for a fun, light-hearted dive into the complex world of measurement? Check out this recent TEDx Talk given by Steve Toll, our Vice President here at Fox Valley Metrology.

Recently, he had an awesome opportunity to share a bit of this science with the world.

FVM's 2022 Open House was a great success! Education from our wonderful exhibitors, company tours, hands on demos, and great food and entertainment. Fox Valley Metrology can't wait to do it all over in 2023.

Fox Valley Metrology teamed up with Mahr for an exclusive Webinar featuring all the best insights from George Schuetz, Director of Precision Gages. With more than 40 years in the business, those who attended were able to reap the benefits of his wide range of knowledge. So you missed the webinar. Not to worry, our team wants to make sure you have access to all the valuable inf ...

Fox Valley Metrology is here for all your calibration, repair, and new equipment sale needs. The weekly Around the Web Blog is just an added bonus for you and your team. You can count on us to take  the guesswork out of finding the top quality news just for you. • Is it time to upgrade your manufacturing process for higher efficiency, traceability, and error-proofing? Take a l ...

Do you not have time to keep up with the top news each week? Worry no more. Our highly experienced team at Fox Valley Metrology has you covered. Every Tuesday we bring the leading news right to you with our Around the Web Blog. Take a look at what's going on this week. • FARO just released a new version of the CAM2 Software. Here is what you need to know about their latest sub ...

Our Fox Valley Metrology team has you covered. If you want the latest upcoming trends and product advancements, then you're in the right place. We've got the news that keeps your company up to speed in the quality world. This is just one of the many benefits of being a Fox Valley Metrology partner. • First we have details on the new release of FARO's BuildIT Software. It's tim ...

Did you miss the latest news in the quality industry? Not to worry, Fox Valley Metrology has you covered with the most up-to-date advancements so you don't miss a thing. Take a look at the top stories our team has for you this week.

Fox Valley Metrology is happy you've chosen our team to be your hub for the latest news in the quality world. As your partner, our experts take pride in delivering the most up-to-date headlines around the web. Take a look at what we have found for you this week. • Starrett is in the news with their HB400 Benchtop Optical Comparator. With the new extended range, users will have ...

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