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Coordinate measuring machines have been an integral part of complex geometrical measurement in the world of industry since the 1960’s and has continually advanced since then.

With ever-increasing quality standards, it is more important than ever to have a system capable of highly accurate and repeatable measurements with an extremely high throughput.

That is why Fox Valley Metrology has chosen to partner with the Wenzel brand, due to their unique and relentless pursuit to provide the highest quality CMM’s in the world.

What is the Wenzel difference? Simple. Many CMM manufacturers outsource all manufacturing of their part components to third parties worldwide and then simply assemble their machines domestically. These competitors rely heavily on today’s software compensation to manipulate accuracy. Not Wenzel.

Tired of the status quo? Think different. Think Wenzel.

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Why Wenzel?

Manufactured with German engineering, Wenzel produces all their own components and are assembled by Wenzel to factory specifications prior to applying any software compensation. This affords the ultimate in quality control.

Translation? A very rigid, granite-based platform designed for an extended, stable life. Because of this, Wenzel CMM’s have achieved some of the lowest cost of ownership and longest (true precision) duration of use CMM’s in the industry.

The Wenzel range is one of the most complete in the world and includes Bridge, Gantry, and horizontal arm CMM systems. Learn more about our granite story here.

As a family-owned business, Wenzel’s customer service is second-to-none. Coupled with the knowledge and support of the local Fox Valley Metrology team, rest assured that you will have the support you need over the lifetime of your product.

Wenzel has integrated the complete range of Renishaw Probe heads, including REVO, PH20, PHS, and PH10 and all of the Renishaw Probes, accessories and tool changers. They also offer the best prices on Renishaw Probes and styli in the country.

Wenzel offers choices of CMM Software to suit your CMM inspection needs and also software for point cloud management and reverse engineering.

Learn more about Wenzel here.

WENZEL is the world's largest family owned and operated Metrology company. It brings together the latest innovation with traditional craftsmanship.
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