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Repair Services

In our commitment to providing our partners with a single source for all their quality assurance needs, Fox Valley Metrology employs some of the broadest repair capabilities in the industry.

In addition to our large inventory of more than 500 common replacement part numbers, our relationship with all of the major brands grants us priority access to unique parts that may not be in stock.

All of this adds up to an unbeatable turnaround time with our repair services that grant our partners access to the many benefits of equipment repair, such as:

  • Amplified ROI on capital expenses. Maximize the life span of measurement equipment through a focused maintenance program.
  • Minimal production downtime. Boost throughput by utilizing the quick turnaround of repair services, compared to new equipment lead times.
  • Elimination of additional setup and training costs. Reduce the hassle of equipment turnover by getting the most out of the equipment you are familiar with.

Repairs Include

Repair Services - Speedy Turnaround

Speedy Turnaround, Thanks to Our Large Inventory

Repair Services - Expert Evaluation

Expert Evaluation, Quotes Free of Charge

Repair Services - ISO Accredited

ISO 17025 Calibration, If Requested

Repair Process

If any repairs are needed, our team will perform an evaluation, free of charge.

Following this, you will be contacted with a quote for repair and replacement to allow for accurate analysis, to make your decision as easy as possible, and approximate turnaround time. We then wait for your approval on any quotes before proceeding.

Once the repairs are completed, we calibrate your tools over the entire operating range at the same, great ISO 17025 standards all of our calibration services are held to.

Brands Supported

Please note many other brands are supported. To see if your equipment is eligible, please request a quote today!

If ever I need gages repaired, Fox Valley Metrology is the only place that I will send our gages to!

Jim Ryan - Scot Forge

The Fox Valley Metrology Repair Advantage

By partnering with Fox Valley Metrology, a company dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage over the life cycle of all your equipment, you are gaining access to many unique and critical benefits:

  • Unparalleled customer service. Work with a partner that knows your team inside and out, including your gages, goals and any unique requirements.
  • Industry-leading turnaround time. Due to key manufacturer partnerships and large inventories, we can guarantee timely services.
  • Minimal logistical coordination.  Your equipment is returned with ISO 17025 accredited calibration, cancelling any additional vendor coordination you would need.
  • Unprecedented data tracking. All repair expenses and notes are automatically tracked via our free online gage management software. Never worry if you have overspent on repair again.
When you choose to partner with Fox Valley Metrology, you are choosing to partner with a company committed to the success of your team. Contact your local sales representative today to learn more about our repair services and see how this partnership can benefit you.


Precision Matters

Give your precision measuring equipment the care it deserves today.