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Administrative Services

Every day you have thousands of things grasping at your attention. It is easy to lose track of your gage management program.

Luckily Fox Valley Metrology is here to help.

With our primary focus of becoming an integral business partner with each of our clients, we offer administrative services to each and every customer.

In a world where streamlining your duties to require your department to focus on only truly value-added tasks is becoming the gold standard, these administrative contracts are becoming increasingly common. This can essentially eliminate any administrative tasks within your duties, which unfortunately bog down far too many people.


There are many different configurations of this relationship that we have entered with our partners, ranging from:

  • Simple data entry
  • Searching for gages during a calibration event
  • Scheduling calibrations
  • Managing your entire calibration program (and other preventative maintenance programs)
  • Many more...

The best part is, this agreement is 100% customizable. The agreement can be structured in any way that you like, containing any services you would like.

Purchasing Structure

There are three main ways administrative work can be purchased:

  • Hourly Rate
  • Blocks of Time
  • Annual Guaranteed Lump Sum

To learn more about Fox Valley Metrology's administrative services, please contact us today!


Take Back Your Time

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