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Quick. Convenient. Consistent. That is the name of the game when it comes to optical comparators.

When the application requires a non-contact measurement or equipment size is a concern, the adaptability of an optical comparator is simply unbeatable. Buy why compromise quality?

Manufactured without compromise, Starrett optical comparators provide time tested, cost effective solutions for non-contact measurement. At the heart of these systems are precision optics, superb lighting and a highly accurate work stage. They combine to ensure bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy. With a vast selection of styles, sizes, stages, lenses and other accessories, Starrett has an optical comparator for most any application.

Realizing the superior performance of the hardware design, equal are the clean, intuitive digital readouts offered by Starrett. MetLogix M1, M2 and M3 DRO’s are the perfect solution for integrating the latest in measurement capability but also afford quick integration with a familiar design accessible by any level of operator.

Why Starrett?

With the unbeatable combination of precision mechanics, powerful and intuitive software, and support from the most respected name in measurement, Starrett Metrology Systems take video-based and multi-sensor measuring systems to the next level. Their broad range of metrology systems are ideal for use in QC labs, research, engineering, and manufacturing environments where small to large scale high-precision measurement is critical. Starrett Metrology Systems provide quick Return-On-Investment through increased product quality, user time savings and alternative equipment reduction.

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