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Since its inception in 1996, Fox Valley Metrology has grown tremendously, securing multiple awards along the way.

  • JANUARY 1996 - Fox Valley Metrology opens for business with four employees: co-founder Mark Toll, co-founder Gerry Roge, Martin Johnson and Brian Gliszinski.
  • JUNE 1996 - Fox Valley Metrology expands its capabilities by introducing an electronics laboratory.
  • SEPTEMBER 1996 - Fox Valley Metrology expands again by adding a repair lab. By the end of 1996, the company had added three full-time employees and had transformed itself into the area's first full service metrology laboratory.
  • MAY 1998 - Fox Valley Metrology purchases Twin Pines Metrology which is located in northwestern Wisconsin near the Minnesota border.
  • DECEMBER 1998 - In its third year in existance, Fox Valley Metrology had surpassed one million dollars in sales for the year and had tripled its employee staff.
  • JANUARY 2000 - Fox Valley Metrology expands again, adding a full-time information technology staff.
  • JUNE 2000 - Fox Valley Metrology finishes its new 3000+ square foot building expansion. The new expansion had doubled the laboratory space as well as added a new shipping and receiving area.
  • JULY 2000 - Fox Valley Metrology improves its industry leading website by introducing the innovative (patent pending) Online Certifications section.
  • OCTOBER 2000 - Fox Valley Metrology expands its repair department to include the calibration of hand tools.
  • NOVEMBER 2001 - Fox Valley Metrology is awarded by the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce as the 2001 Small Business of the Year. Fox Valley Metrology is also featured in the Oshkosh Northwestern newspaper. 
  • APRIL 2003 - Fox Valley Metrology president Mark Toll is awarded by The National Republican Congressional Committee's Business Advisory Council as the 2003 Businessman of the Year.
  • MAY 2003 - Ground is broken on a new facility in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin for Twin Pines Metrology.
  • AUGUST 2003 - Twin Pines Metrology officially moves into their new facility.
  • JANUARY 2005 - Twin Pines Metrology's sales doubles since moving into their new facility.
  • APRIL 2005 - Fox Valley Metrology hires an expert in the RF field from the Navy to head up our new RF department.
  • JUNE 2005 - Fox Valley Metrology purchases $300,000 worth of equipment capable of calibrating all RF equipment up to 26.5 GHz.
  • JUNE 2005 - Fox Valley Metrology opens a new location in Fenton, Missouri.
  • OCTOBER 2009 - Fox Valley Metrology's Fenton office moves to a new building, doubling our office and lab space.
  • JUNE 2010 - Fox Valley Metrology further expands our capabilities by purchasing a lab in Hartland, Wisconsin.
  • JULY 2011 - Fox Valley Metrology doubles their footprint in Oshkosh by acquiring a second building at 495 Waukau Ave., across from their corporate office. This allowed for an expansion of the Dimensional and Repair Labs.
  • AUGUST 2012 - Fox Valley Metrology purchases $4 Million of new standards, including the latest RF.
  • SEPTEMBER 2014 - Fox Valley Metrology once again expands its operations to support a rapidly growing customer base. The acquisition of a state of the art Full Service Metrology lab just minutes outside of the Twin Cities Metro area continues FVM’s long tradition of taking the lead in total customer satisfaction. This lab allows FVM the unique opportunity to take dimensional calibration to a new level with the addition of the industry leading Mahr 828CiM 1000 having high accuracy and extremely low measurement uncertainty.
  • JANUARY 2016 - Fox Valley Metrology celebrates its 20th Anniversary, having grown to 124 employees during its 20 years. The company now has clients in all 50 states as well as 18 other countries, worldwide.
  • JULY 2016 - Fox Valley Metrology further expands its expertise into the Industrial Services world, through its acquisition of Good Measure, LLC.
  • JUNE 2017- As a testament to the tremendous growth that the company has seen, Fox Valley Metrology breaks ground on its 15,000 square foot expansion of its Corporate Headquarters, located in Oshkosh, WI. The expansion is comprised of the most state-of-the-art calibration equipment compiled in one lab in the United States.
  • JULY 2018 - Fox Valley Metrology completes the expansion of its Corporate Headquarters.
  • JULY 2018 - A complete overhaul of Metrology360, the industry's leading online gage management software, is completed. This revamp offers an even greater user interface with substantial gains of features available.
  • DECEMBER 2018 - $2.5 million is invested into new standards, expanding Fox Valley Metrology's already broad calibration scope.
  • APRIL 2019 - Fox Valley Metrology launches its capital equipment sales program, now offering customers a single source for CMM's, comparators, vision systems and more.
  • MAY 2019 - Fox Valley Metrology North consolidates its two offices into the Stacy, MN location to provide speedy service to the Minnesota market with plans for future expansion.
  • JANUARY 2020 - Fox Valley Metrology continues the expansion of it's regional footprint by opening its Rockford, IL office. The office provides even greater service to the greater Chicagoland and northern Illinois area.
  • DECEMBER 2020 - The FVM North regional office located in Stacy, MN completes its 12,000 square foot expansion. This expansion is targeted at providing even more services to the local Twin Cities market, by offering substantial expansions of it's lab space.
  • May 2021 - Fox Valley Metrology opens a new location in Monroe, North Carolina. This location will broaden its regional presence and cater to a wider customer base in the area.
  • May 2022 - Fox Valley Metrology continues to expand by opening another location in Crestline, Ohio. 

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