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The Starrett AVX500 is ideal for use in QC labs, research, engineering, or manufacturing environments where large parts with intricate features need inspection.

Our AVX machines offer a lager format X-Y-Z travel: 22" x 16" x 10" (550mm x 400mm x 250mm). New to the AVX is the option to configure dual camera inputs, allowing the user to make measurements on both the macro and micro levels with one system without changing lenses or re-calibrating.

Why Starrett?

With the unbeatable combination of precision mechanics, powerful and intuitive software, and support from the most respected name in measurement, Starrett Metrology Systems take video-based and multi-sensor measuring systems to the next level. Their broad range of metrology systems are ideal for use in QC labs, research, engineering, and manufacturing environments where small to large scale high-precision measurement is critical. Starrett Metrology Systems provide quick Return-On-Investment through increased product quality, user time savings and alternative equipment reduction.

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