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Calibration Tools - A Measure of Success

Caliper and Bearings

Steve Toll, the Vice President of Sales for Fox Valley Metrology, recently had an awesome opportunity to be featured in an article by Engine Builder Magazine!

In the article, we discuss the trend of the automotive world heading toward stricter and stricter tolerances and the resulting importance of proper calibration program.

Here is a sample from the article:

"As we head into the future, the trend of the automotive industry indicates that the U.S. is no longer going to compete on cost or speed. It has to compete on quality. The trend in engine manufacturing has been shrinking tolerances, and that is not going to go backwards. “Things are only going to get more and more stringent over the years,” Toll says. This is yet another reason that strict calibration schedules will ultimately reflect the success of a machine shop."

While this article was written specifically for the automotive industry, the principles discussed apply to nearly every sector of the manufacturing world. Without a proper gage management plan, quality success will be hard to achieve.

Click here to read the full article.

About the author

Steve Toll

Steve has been around the calibration industry his whole life. His father, Mark Toll, founded Fox Valley Metrology in 1996, when Steve was only 6 years old. Steven went on to graduate from Milwaukee School of Engineering, one of the most challenging and accolated technical universities in the country. This lifelong immersion in the industry has led him to become the Vice President of Sales for Fox Valley Metrology since 2014.

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